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The 3rd China Grain Trade Conference

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Work hand in hand, happy production


Dear friends from home and abroad

Welcome to FUJIAN- FU ZHOU!

FUJIAN has a long history and culture

Fujian Sanbao is world-famous

Pien Tze Huang, Oolong Tea, Shoushan Stone

Today I’m introducing the "Fujian Fourth Treasure"

Zhangzhou electronic quantitative scale for vacuum packaging machine


The scene of the 3rd China Grain Trade Conference

Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center, Hall 2 2T02-2

In this beautiful day, let us walk into the booth of Zhangzhou Lizhan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Experience cutting-edge smart packaging equipment

Feel the shock brought by technological innovation

Opening ceremony scene


On the morning of October 19th, the 3rd China Grain Trade Conference with the theme of "gathering high-quality, strengthening production, increasing vitality, and smooth circulation, building a strong country in the grain industry, and stabilizing the important task of food security" opened in Fuzhou.


This conference consists of the theme exhibition of World Food Day and National Food Security Promotion Week, the exhibition of high-quality grain engineering achievements, the exhibition of high-quality grain and oil products and related technical equipment, negotiation and signing, and forums. More than 2,600 exhibitors and more than 15,000 professional participants

Lizhan Technology Exhibition Area


This Grain Trade Conference


Lizhan Technology brought the latest generation of smart equipment to Fuzhou. Adhering to the new theme of "Happy Production", the more time-saving, more intelligent Lizhan equipment quickly attracted the attention of guests from all over the country.


Group photo of the participating teams


On October 31st, we meet again in "Hefei"