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  We treat the staff as our partners; we insist on the “Fairness, justness and humanism concern” and “Capacity-based and performance-oriented”; we establish and implement the culture of enterprise according to the institution and system of competence resource; and we set up the outstanding management system of human resource to help each staff achieve success.
  We stick to selecting talents who are tally with our value and culture and possess success potential, strong intention for accomplishment, and spirit of cooperation, strong adaptability and innovation. Moreover, we stick to employing the graduating students and making them bear responsibility and stress early. 
  We employ and investigate new talents with responsibility, and according to the establishment and improvement of the mechanism of internal talent cultivation and development, we major in internal selection and minor in external recruitment to ensure the required talents for our development.
  The managers from all levels are the heart power of the competence resource management of Lizhan. They improve the core competence of departments and company, and support the growth of department business and the accomplishment of company strategy with several effective managerial methods of competence resource in recruitment, selection, training, stimulation, evaluation and development. By planned, organized and diversified training, they improve staff’s job skills and professional quality, enhance the organizing ability, achieve the increase in manpower capital and establish the medium-long term stimulation mechanism to let the excellent and important staff share the fruit of company’s development.